Malaysia Needs More Guidance To Join A Fairer World

To break blocks or at least increase brightness.

My message to the WhatsApp group.

“Is our country fair to everyone?”

It is a highly educated progressive group, but with a different perspective, especially in terms of politics and nation-building.

In the past, there was an article circulated saying that the country was heading in the wrong direction and many Malaysians could be marginalized. The author divides feelings according to race without any justification, which annoys some.

The answer to my question is divided into two specific ways.

From now on, go back. That it could be worse is worse elsewhere and is also an example of the best seen, such as the struggle in the US. The exhibition is an illusion.

Another is to argue that there is no place like home. Rice slogans, warts and all. Whether you’re jumping under the Eiffel Tower thousands of miles away or finding a lost cow in the Argentine pampas, the house is a sweet memory. What beats curry noodles?

They did not dare to answer directly. It cuts as anyone in the group says. Maybe only the columnists spoke because their opponents asked for it everywhere.

The group consisted of NEP (New Economic Policy) children, who were born in a 1970 publication and were the first to conduct social experiments to distinguish the possibility of leveling the playground.

Now, from the mid-40s to the early 50s, their minds are cautious because of their race (racing for life!) Is more than half the run.

Twenty years ago from the same cohort – the Yahoo! anyone – Some defend the system they overcome, and others want to overthrow the system that rejects them.

Since then, a lot has happened in the country and the world. Of course, many things happen in the lives of NEP children.

My generation is asked to respect the goal of common prosperity despite the controversial history that governs it.

However, the next generation is clearly different. Measurements need to be streamlined in global stations. Just do things regardless of how the whole world sees justice.

Justice, like the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 17), is an effort to stay away from, even if it is impossible to achieve in one’s life. Walking has been accelerated (or Highlander is accelerating) due to global disruption.

The old ways of disguising our old ways as Malaysians don’t cut it anymore. The smell is getting stronger.

How to justify rights based on race in this country? Stop and think. Discrimination is discrimination.

The idea of ​​†‹вЂ‹ justice in the country – it is good to walk slowly, it is unforgivable to walk in the opposite direction. Especially when the country wants to be a dominant and responsible member of the international community.

Although human beings are clan and harmonious, an enlightened society strives to face these primitive desires with knowledge and intellect. Correcting the past begins with a desire to accept the wrong past without revenge.

The purpose of today’s column is to warn you. A more stable power intelligence understands that the ethos of the country has been distorted and that the burden of correction is heavier from generation to generation.

The cost of those who can do little today will only be punished by those who have not been involved.

Clearly, a group of politicians is now exacerbating its dysfunction, as are drug dealers who increase their doses without consulting crack dealers because they have found leaflets in the trash.

First, they seek to maintain virtue and sensitivity. For example, the precipitation of Kisona Selvaduray. A man is racially insulted.

Everything is unfortunate, and I pray for Kisoni and all the other Malaysian athletes to endure the abuse and success during and after the sport.

Burhanuddin Che Rahim, a middle-class politician who I suspect is the son of the NEP, behaved perfectly 30 years ago. Malaysia is normal at other times.

In a few days, he will feel the wrath of the people. He resigned and apologized to all Malaysians except Kison. Former national champion Roslin Hashim, who was born in 1975, has asked Burhanuddin to apologize for the national ferry flight and his family. Roslin is from Kelantan, like Borhanuddin.

When I heard that if my dead father was still alive, a Kelantanese-the only ethnic federal state-would accuse another Kelantanese of having angered a young Indian girl clearly and sharply, he would certainly have done the opposite.

What was included in the comments, nothing more, became a national nuisance today?

While the three major parties in power in the Peninsula today are recognized as racist, using Mahathir’s term to remove stigma, they must condemn racist behavior. This is another Malaysia.

But at the same time, because they are committed to the idea of ​​another country – they seem to be increasingly concerned about the Malays – they dance to two melodies at the same time.

“Welcome, we have a great modern idea to improve the Malaysian economy. We will give a lot to many to do so. This is the Malaysian Family and no one will be left behind, no one. We are a family. Thank you. But we understand that Bumiputeras need help and we will make sure they make the most of it.

“No more than the others, because this is a country and everyone cares. Everything is equally important, except the Malays are different and the same. Did you see a show called The Quantum Leap in the 80s? Sorry, I’m a NEP slave. Everything is confusing.

Today I almost feel like a politician. They have to compete with the capital that revolves around the internet and they have to play racing cards while they operate in Malaysia, which is ultimately as confusing as their job.

The only healthy way out is to start over. Otherwise, they will raise a bill on mental health for MEPs.

Keadilan Malaysia needs a review when the storm hits and the NEP Children who will take over state power or will take over state power, sooner or later in a decade, need to address the problem, not just respond to it.

I secretly understand that trust is the key to nation-building. Different models do not work. They create mistrust. But the past is different and the present is completely different.