Malaysia Bukit Aman Receives 11 Reports Over Allegations

KUALA LUMPUR, May 1. Police have filed 11 allegations of misuse and corruption of the Twitter account @edisi_siasatmy.

Datuk Muhammad Kumaruddin, M.D., director of commercial crime investigation at Bakit Aman, said police are investigating the case, which also includes charges against those who denied the Twitter user’s claims.

He said the police would question the complainants and Twitter users in accordance with the Pakistani Penal Code under sections 500 and 1998 of the Communication and Multimedia Law.

“But according to some corrupt individuals, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has a duty to investigate the matter,” he said today at a press conference at Minara CPY.
Mohammad Kumaruddin said the police are still looking for the person hiding behind a Twitter account and will immediately call the person to write a statement.

A recent statement by @edisi_siasatmy on Twitter said that some police officers are suspected of corruption, abuse of power, and involvement in social media corruption. Anti-corruption activists are said to defend criminal groups and engage in corruption.

Sabah Shortens Visitor Quarantine

KOTA KINABALU, 1 November Fully vaccinated visitors arriving in Sabah will now have a shorter quarantine period.

Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun today said visitors who arrived fully vaccinated could undergo seven-day quarantine and 10 -day quarantine for those who had not been vaccinated or had not been vaccinated.

“Sabah visitors who have been fully vaccinated can also be considered for their own quarantine at home,” he said.

Today, the number of COVID-19 cases infected in Sabah dropped below 400. 393 cases were reported, which is 54 cases less than yesterday.
The situation is under control in almost all counties, although there has been a slight improvement in some cases.

With the exception of Kota Kinabalu (62 cases), less than 50 cases were reported daily in all districts, less than 10 cases of Covid-19 infection were reported in 12 districts, and no new cases were reported in three districts.

Of the 393 cases registered today, 45.5 percent or 179 cases were those reported two or five days after receiving the inspection results.

New cases reported within 24 hours accounted for 214 or 54.5 percent of all reported cases.

The number of serious cases remained minimal, with five patients enrolled in category 3, two in category 4, and three in category 5. The majority of cases fell into category 2, involving 320 patients (81.4%) and 1 to 60 patients. patients (15.3%).

The State Health Department is investigating three cases.

The Covid-19 virus today claimed seven lives in Sabah.

Masidi claimed that the dead victims were in Tawau, two cases and one each in Kota Kinabalu, Kota Marudu, Kuala Penyu, Kudat, and Lahad Datu.

However, a Covid-19 state spokesman stressed that the deaths did not necessarily occur within the past 24 hours, as some cases take time to be investigated and reported later.

He added, 602 patients, recovered today, for a total of 207,601.

A total of 1,867 patients were being treated, he said, adding that 747 of them were in hospitals, 1,103 in low-risk public quarantine centers, 16 in detention centers/temporary prisons, and one in private treatment facilities.

The number of people in need of critical care is 83, Masidi said, adding that 80 of them were in the intensive care unit and three in the open ward. He said 23 of them had ventilation.

According to him, the number of fourth and fifth-stage patients who have not completed the vaccine is 95 (43.38%).

“Non-static changes in the number of Covid-19 positive cases were recorded in all districts in Sabah, a total of 203 cases from close contact tests. This may be due to the high probability of not complying with the SOP, despite repeated calls from the government, ”he said.

Masidi also revealed that by October 31. a total of 2,425,413 people in Sabah received one dose of vaccine and 2,331,006 were fully vaccinated.

Statewide, 44 compounds were issued to SOP violators and 29 compounds for non -compliance with business hours.