Malacca Review, Don’t Stay Close To Me Anymore

OCTOBER 28 – Persia continues in the city used for the attack – we hope that the victorious arrivals will die with dysentery, and the spirits of the dead long ago whisper from the cemetery near St. Petersburg. The Church of St.

On May 20, the surreal elections – the first Covid-19 defense, the last democracy – ended and many were ready to believe that the future would reflect the will of the people.

Denial of the meat election campaign.

No social events, no physical activities, no movement. Suffice it to say that NO is the main voice of this election.
It is interesting that the Electoral Commission (EL) and Health Minister Khairi Jamaluddin consulted, so we were notified.

Here is Rubas, the Khairi of Umno, the biggest competitor in the race. The Prime Minister is also from Umno.

This does not mean that coalition elections have been held successfully or that political parties have rebelled with great respect.

Far from it.

Election events are chaotic, unpredictable, and confusing. On the way to work, people stop three times, gather in the space left by the verse, and fold as much as possible. In short, assemblies are the spread of disease in petrol vessels.

The Ministry of Health has the right to demand that the number of cases is increased, but honesty is at issue when it comes to naming political opponents. Minister Khairi is making serious efforts to remove Covid-19 from our shores or has Khairi, a former Umno president, three-year-old Umno MP, and former prime minister’s son-in-law, thought?

The decision to charge the Muda youth party with a fee to support in yesterday’s elections in Melaka seems to be the beginning of a future issue.

The charity should go back and allow the telephone to be organized by the real organization, EC, which is appointed to make the decision. For the other thirteen countries in different stages of conquering Covid-19, it is enough to keep it busy. Until the elections are over, civil servants should talk about Melaka.

Return to EC page. It’s time to dump her and move on. Treat medical advice and knowledge with respect, but be united so that you do not violate the right to discrimination to choose.
Find ways to overcome obstacles, give participants a choice. Otherwise, the dam will be broken and used.

Telling the parties what they cannot do and not giving them possible ways to control their campaigns is negligible.

Even protests and more counting time, the United States, in order to reduce the risk of Covid-19, by 2020. relied on a postal vote.

Last month, on September 26, the Germans voted. All those who were not vaccinated and who refused to take the Covid-19 exams were allowed to vote in accordance with hygiene rules. Voting by mail has become easier. Of course, there was chaos in the plague. Voting time is extended as required. No doubt, Germans would come in and vote.

No one expects Melaka to have free and fair elections, but they do expect the EC to do its job for the benefit of the electorate, the parties, and the candidates.

”Maracas makes it much slower to make the transition between now and election day, but positive steps increase confidence”

For example, giving all parties access to terrestrial television and cable television. If all voters and parties could express their views through RTM, TV3, and Astro, they would have little reason to protest or elect to abolish policies and hold events.

If the government prioritizes protecting Covid-19, as it claims, the distribution of airtime will increase confidence. However, this is not the case here. It’s no secret. They have Covid-19 in their minds, that’s right, but they never miss their political goals.

How do the parties cheat? With great ease.

In the fourth category, all human activities are allowed. Suddenly everyone, including Umno, Bersatu, and PAS, feels the spirit of Deepavali as he falls on November 4, two days before his competition. There is no need to pay attention to an open day or event because politicians use culture as a reason and not a new idea. Funded events will continue until May 19th.

How do cultural events differ from political events? Technical works from Dollah Badrul N20 Kota Laksamana to Project Meriah Deepavali Bersama Masyarakat Kota Laksamana, tetam terhormat Dollah Badrul Calon N20.