Jon Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams Test Positive For Covid-19

WASHINGTON,  Leading singers John Bon Jovi and Brian Adams had to cancel their performances over the weekend as they both passed the 19 Cove Test.

According to 7News, the news of Bon Jovi’s last-minute cancellation came when viewers had entered the event when the broadcaster announced the news.

7 News reporters were also able to see the rock star, who shared on Twitter, walking out of the building.

A spokesman for the singer later confirmed the news to Variety, saying that although Bon Jovi underwent testing, he “felt healthy after being fully vaccinated.”

Singer Leon on a Prairie will perform at a three-night fan event called “Runway with JBJ” in Miami Beach, Florida. The event includes question and answer sessions, voice stories, and one-on-one performances for fans. Opportunities included.

Meanwhile, Adams had to leave the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in the final moments on Saturday when his 19th Covid Test returned positive.

A spokeswoman for the singer told Billboard Portal that the Canadian musician was “fully vaccinated” and had no symptoms.

Adams is expected to perform Atz Only Low in honor of American singer Tina Turner, who joined the group HER and actually collaborated with Adams.

Australian singer Keith Urban replaced the 69th Summer Singer on Saturday.

Previously, it was reported that British hitmaker Ed Sheeran had a positive experience with Covid 19 before releasing his new album.

The singer announced on Instagram last week that she would be segregated at home and only participate in virtual shows and interviews.

Actor Kim Seon-ho Return To South Korea After Abortion Scandal

KUALA LUMPUR,  Advertisers are once again looking for South Korean actress Kim Seon-ho to promote their products.

The Korea Herald reported that the face mask brand re-posted the 35 -year -old ad on its official website and on its YouTube channel a few days after Mima withdrew.

Canon Korea, which has previously released fewer photos from social media accounts following the alleged abortion scandal, has shown it once again.

While it’s unclear what the advertisers have changed, the portal says that South Korean media outlets have published stories in which some disagree with his ex -girlfriend’s allegations. circumstances.

A social media user who claimed to know Kim from university also defended the actor by saying he was not the one who forced the abortion.

The actor recently starred in the romantic drama K Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, as well as in the work-romantic series Startup (2020).

After sending an anonymous message from his ex-girlfriend on Oct. 20 and publicly apologizing, she admitted her ex-boyfriend aborted her on false grounds. He tricked her into getting pregnant and treated her badly after the abortion.

Similarly, the broadcaster of the KBS television program was attacked after viewers reported it was unnecessary for Kim.

This was followed by Entertainment Weekly Live Station, which revealed that Kim may be in the soup because of her alleged actions.

Many viewers found the report unnecessary as Kim had already withdrawn from various 2 -day and 1 -night KBS shows and her scenes were edited after the controversy.

An online petition published at the KBS Audience Rights Center on Friday urged broadcasters to stop airing the episode.

By Sunday, it had collected more than 6,940 signatures.

The second petition, addressed to KBS, objecting to the withdrawal for a period of fewer than 2 days 1 night, has received over 41,870 signatures since Sunday.

KBS must respond to requests for more than 1,000 signatures within 30 days, but the broadcaster has yet to respond.