Including Google, Big Tech Should Be Held Accountable

October 27, Facebook is under scrutiny for suspicious behavior and refuses to consider the dangers it could pose.

I’d also like to keep an eye on Google, given the number of ads that shouldn’t be on their ad platform.

No problem lately – for years, websites and YouTube haven’t displayed smart ads.

However, on YouTube, this is another issue. When I tried to watch a YouTube video, I first came across a scam ad about Malaysian “financial advice”.

The funny thing is, while I was watching the Mendoop video, I was suddenly shown these clever Mandarin ads.

Ads are always the same. “Financial freedom is just one click away and I’m losing it now by not investing,” someone said at random.

I ran out of stock because I didn’t know about it. There are things I would rather do than look for stock tips or invest money on the internet. I don’t know if I will lose or not.

That’s why I’m getting closer to cryptocurrencies. If you touch a bitcoin or an ethereum cart when it starts spinning, all the power is up to you. At the moment, the market is a lot of volatility and Elon Musk moves as easily as he tweets without hesitation.

Investing isn’t as easy as a financial expert and it involves YouTube advertising marketing, a type of multi-level marketing scheme, or a series of redesigned and modified tips that you can produce.

The only thing that sells profits at an excessive rate and promises that even high-risk fund managers don’t ask is fraud.

I know that Google prides itself on how easy it is to advertise on its platform without any human intervention. However, his refusal to check out ads and apps on his Play Store has more room for bad players and should be morally condemned.

It doesn’t matter how many big tech companies claim their services are simple tools and it’s not their responsibility what people do with those tools when it comes to services that have a lot of content. Divided. Advertising must also meet certain criteria.

This is evidenced by the fact that big technologies should not be washing their hands of contagious crimes on their platforms, such as anti-virus information that is circulating on the Internet, as well as malicious attacks against various malicious groups. Propaganda is also proof of this.

I found a page selling ivermectin on Facebook and reported on the website, Facebook did nothing, but the Ministry of Health’s Department of Health received a response to my report within a day.

Thanks to Facebook, I see Malaysians telling them all what to do with tough posts describing the Rohingya as military terrorists.

At the moment, I know that anyone in financial trouble will click on a YouTube ad and save in hopes of not destroying it.

If Google does not control itself, then perhaps countries including Malaysia should not use any company as an excuse to take advantage of Malaysian consumers and encourage their victims.

The world, especially its delicacies, deserves more than the use of tools to improve it.

Apple Fitness+, Premier One Plan Starting Nov 4 For Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur October 26: Fitness +, Apple’s fitness registration service, went on sale in Malaysia on November 4 for fitness enthusiasts to prepare their Apple watches.

The service was previously available in Australia, Canada Ireland New Zealand, Available only in the US and UK, but “live” in 15 other countries – Austria; Brazil Colombia France Germany Indonesia Italy Malaysia Mexico Portugal Russia Saudi Arabia, Spain Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates;

Singapore, in particular, is off the list, but that is likely to change in the next few months.

Made for durability

Ideal for working with Apple Watch Users can access commercial machines and exercise bikes; You can choose from a variety of exercises that include a wide variety of machine-based exercises, including fitness dance. Yoga and Pilates Weight Loss

Introducing a new feature that lets you connect with your friends via Apple’s FaceTime and practice or meditate with your friends via the SharePlay feature.

SharePlay for iPhone, Works with iPad or Mac.

New users of the Apple Watch Series 3 and newer will receive a free trial for three months, but current Apple Watch users will receive a free trial for three months of RM19.90 a month or RM119.90 a year.

Up to six family members can share.

Additional storage options

The Apple Fitness + Apple Music Arcade Apple One Premier, which combines Apple TV + with iCloud + and 2TB of storage, will be available in Malaysia at RM69.90 a month in November and will be available for six families. members You can share.

Currently, Malaysians pay RM 19.90 or more a month for individual programs. TV + With Arcade and 50GB iCloud storage, the monthly plan can be shared with five other people with the same app as RM33.90, but with 200GB cloud storage.

Fitness + requires an Apple Watch Series 3 or later with iOS 14.3 or later, watchOS 7.2, and iPhone 6s. The app is also available on iPad and Apple TV.